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Walker Mower

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Walker Lawn Mower

This Walker lawn Mower imparts a flat free tire and deck caster wheels, it is a valuable way for suitors who grove on to mow their lawn. This Walker Mower is an unique offering from oem- genuine Walker Mower part 5026 cw hydrostatic transmission, this Mower is an exceptional substitute for folks who are searching for a workmanlike look and feel with the ease of use and performance. This Walker Mower also features a trans oiler for straightforward oiling and the all-important hay-in-flight warning system to keep you from danger, with its beautiful Walker design and easy-to-use interface, this Mower is sure to make a statement. The Walker Mower power dump arm upgrade kit 7632-1 is for the Walker Mower power dump arm upgrade kit 7632-1, this kit allows you to add power to your Walker Mower with the addition of a power dump arm. The dump arm can be used to increase the length and depth of the mowing area, and it also allows the Mower to operate at a more balanced state, the Walker Mower is a terrific way for folks searching for a lightweight and ease of use mower. The Walker Mower options include an 48 side discharge platform, which allows for two cultivators; or the 30 side discharge platform, which allows for four cultivators, the Walker Mower also includes a flip-up deck, which makes it effortless to get the best results from your mower.